Pauso bat aurrera (en)

A step forward


A step; that creates movement.

The residents of the neighbourhood decided that they want to live in Basque; their first, second and last word will be in Basque. Living in Basque during a whole week will leave a mark forever. Movement is created from the moment when the decision and actions of hundreds of people influence the linguistic practices of thousands of people.


A step; that each person takes from where she is; personal, own.

Marisol and Enrique have just registered in a euskaltegi, they have just begun to learn Basque.

Ana has realised that she needs to understand Basque in order to be able to communicate with her granddaughter.

Michelle and Nerea contribute to extend the Basque-speakers network by participating in a mintzalaguna group (partners to practise Basque).

Lutxo has decided to live in Basque for a month.


A step; that one takes consciously, with a direction.

The meetings of the gastronomic association are now held in Basque.

Basque has been decided to be the preferred working language of the town hall and the communication language with the citizens.


A step; the beginning of an individual or group journey

At the butchery of the neighbourhood we can read signs and names of products in Basque; we can buy in Basque, the butcher is starting to understand the language.

The coaches of the sport club in our town are ready to guide the trainings in Basque.


A step; large or small, but firm, there is no turning back.

Kevin has asked his friends to speak to him in Basque, he explained to them that he understands them and that he wants to learn by listening.

Gaizka always starts his press conferences in Basque.

Lorea popped into the Basque association of her town, she would like to launch her new project to live in Basque.


It is time to take a step forward; it is time for you, for me, for them, for us to take steps to live in Basque.


It is time to take one, two, three… thousands of steps; those who want to live in Basque; those who, although not knowing Basque, want to have a more euskaldun society; authorities, associations, students, entrepreneurs, unionists, workers; each of us can contribute to the construction of the world of the Basque language from her own reality.


Basque has 365 days, the euskaltzales have all the year to take new steps.


Pauso bat aurrera (eus-en) [pdf]